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Online Worship Service, April 19, 2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020 - 10 AM - Please join us on Sunday, April 19, as we share comfort pieces from Nature as we look forward to Earth Day. Please come (online) with a favorite flower, potted plant or other live piece that brings you comfort, joy or peace, especially during this time of isolation. A group of us will be bringing pieces that will, hopefully, provide some uplift through song, poetry and images. We will provide time for the sharing of Joys, Sorrows, Concern and Appreciations. Please join us and in our reflections, share your piece of comfort, as you are willing. This is an invitation, not a mandate! With great love and appreciation for this wonderful community, Elaine LeCain

Please join us on-line for a service by our own Elaine LeCain. To join us in this Zoom on-line meeting, please look for an email later this week, providing the Zoom access link.

***If you you'd like to subscribe to our email list, please msg us here or email us at

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