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WEEKLY Email Update

WEEKLY UPDATE July 8, 2020

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern County

Location: 5 Real Road, Bakersfield, CA 93309


Tuesday, July 12, 2020 – 8:00-9:30 AM – UU Men's Zoom Breakfast. This group usually includes mostly men, but others are welcome. For Zoom invitation, please contact Dan Walker, 661-319-2281 or

Thursday, July 9, 2020 – 11:30 AM – 1 PM – Seasoned Souls Zoom lunch. This group usually includes mostly women, but others are welcome. For more information, please contact JoAnn Conard, 661-706-1051 or

UUFKC Book Club: Several members expressed interest in a UUFKC Book Club on Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility. We will meet once a month on Zoom; please complete this little survey to help Marina figure out when the best time for most folks to meet would be. Please complete the survey even if you're not sure that you want to participate, just in case! You have until July 20th to complete the survey so that we can get started! In the meantime, you can get the book and start reading/listening! Karen suggested a video as a preview to the book, so here is Dr. DiAngelo's media page that has many videos to choose from.

Worship Services

Zoom Worship Services - If you’re on our email list, you should receive a Zoom invitation a couple of days before the Sunday service. If not, or if you need some help with Zoom, please contact JoAnn Conard at or 661-706-1051.

Sunday, July 12, 2020 – 10 AM – our member Karen Kuckreja will give her talk titled, “Creating Utopia.” This is Part 1 of Karen’s two part talk, on her years growing up in a commune.

Sunday, July 19, 2020 – 10 AM – our member Karen Kuckreja will give her Zoom talk titled, “The Experiment.” This is Part 2 of Karen’s two part talk, on her years growing up in a commune.

Sunday, July 26, 2020 – 10 AM – our part-time minister Rev. Anne Hines will give a Zoom service.


From Membership Care: The Stevensons could use emotional support as Bill undergoes surgery. Recovery is expected to be 6-8 weeks. Emails of encouragement can go to The board and Congregation also send great thanks and appreciation for all that Laura has done as Chair of Membership Care Committee.

Big Thank You's to Marina Oja for your awesome interview in the No Place Like Home PRIDE event on Instagram. The video can be viewed on our Instagram story here

"Justice in June" Resources: This document was shared in a meeting agenda for BLM Allies from CSUB. Thank you, Liora sharing!

GOOD NEWS: Sermon Videos Now Available On-Line

Rev. Anne Hines’ and Rev. Summer Albayati’s June sermons are now viewable on-line, (1) on our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern County FaceBook page, and (2) under “News” on our newly redesigned website.

Donate: support our congregation, please go to to donate via credit card or PayPal, or find our mailing address, for sending a check: UUFKC, P.O. Box 296, Bakersfield CA 93302.

Volunteer Positions @UUFKC:

If you have an area of expertise or a desire to serve our Fellowship, please contact a board member. Several of our members serve in multiple areas so we'd like to restructure and bring in more help if possible. Some areas and committees needing help include Communications (all social media, website, and email), Religious Education (Sunday Services for children), Worship Service leaders (leads Sunday Worship Services), and Member Care (provides care to members in need.)

Minister’s Discretionary Fund: A Message from Our Minister

I know that these are tough times for all of us in one way or another — physically, emotionally, spiritually, and for some, financially. So I want you to remember that the Fellowship has a Minister’s Discretionary Fund for the benefit of people in financial need, whether they be someone in the wider Bakersfield community, or someone in the UUFKC community.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact me ( or 818-590-7276); we may not be able to solve your difficulties completely, but we can surely help. And of course, your information will remain confidential.

In faith...

Reverend Anne

Rev. Anne Felton Hines, part-time minister:; (818) 590-7276

Website Manager: Richard Malicdem-

Weekly Update Email, Facebook:

Membership Committee:

Treasurer: Mark Hodson-

Religious Education: Sabrina James-

Worship Committee: JoAnn Conard-

Social Justice: Jeannie Parent-

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