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Mike Nicholas and Al Wadi

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

“Sound Journey – Inner Journey of Discovery & Remembrance”
“We area local group of frequency ministers called Al Wadi and we will be providing a Sound Journey offering. We incorporate musical instruments from around the world and weave a sonic tapestry designed to take the listener on an inner journey of discovery and remembrance. We arrange the musical sets to first settle the psyche from the disjointed pace of everyday life and then infuse the listener with low frequency vibrations intended to break up stuck or congested energy. After this opening of the channels within, we will take the listeners on an emotional magic carpet ride designed to remember how it feels to run unblocked energy throughout our bodies. Upon returning from this expansive state, we will bring the listeners back home to a soft nest of nurturing and comforting music. We will end the journey with heartfelt music and vocals designed to infuse love into the newly opened spaces within and to leave the listeners with the experience of having their souls nourished with divinely inspired frequencies.

Leader: Mendy McMasters

Zoom-host & equipment set-up: JoAnn Conard & Dan Walker

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